The Maldives Medical Council policies are set by the Members of the Council who are appointed by the President of Maldives from the following sectors in the numbers indicated:

a. Two members from the Ministry of Health.

b. One member from the Attorney General’s Office.

c. One member from the Maldives College of Higher Education.

d. Three doctors from the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

e. One member from the Department of Public Health.

f. One member from the nongovernmental organizations working in the health field.

g. One member from the private sector working in the health field.


The secretariat of the Council will be located in the Ministry of Health.


1. The Council will have a chairman a appointed from among the members by the

Ministry of Health, to look after administration of the Council and to chair its meetings.

2. The council will have a Registrar appointed by the Minister of Health from among the members.

3. The council may appoint standing committees and ad hoc committees from among the members to advise it on various matters.


1. The council will meet at least once a week.

2. The minimum quorum for a council meeting is 50% of the members.

3. A majority vote of the members is required to pass a motion in the council.