The Maldives Medical Council policies are set by the Members of the Council who are appointed by the President of Maldives from the following sectors in the numbers indicated:

  1. 3 (three) medical practitioners appointed from medical practitioners practicing in the Maldives;
  2. A dental practitioner appointed from dental practitioners practicing in the Maldives;
  3. A person appointed by the Minister;
  4. A health care skilled professionals who is neither a medical practitioner nor a dental practitioner;
  5. A trainer trained in the field of medical or dental profession, who is working in a health care profession training center with a minimum of 5 (five) years of experience in training;
  6. A practicing lawyer with a minimum of 5 (five) years of experience in Maldives;
  7. A member of a civil society working in health profession.



The secretariat of the Council will be located in the Ministry of Health.



  1. The Council meetings shall be chaired by the President of the Council. In the absence of the President, Vice-President of the council shall preside over sittings of the meetings. If neither is present, a person to preside over the sitting shall be elected by the members present at that meeting.
  2.  The council will have a Registrar.
  3. The council may appoint standing committees and ad hoc committees from among the members to advise it on various matters.


1.  As a minimum requirement, 1 (one) council shall be held every month.

2. The minimum quorum for a council meeting is 50% of the members.

3. A majority vote of the members is required to pass a motion in the council.